Forget Resolutions… Make 2017 the Year You Crack Codependency!

It is all about choice…. yes, choice. Our own personal choice and we do have it, despite what we think sometimes.  For codependents, personal choice is often a concept that escapes them. They feel their destiny and choices are in the hands of others. WRONG! Anyone can take the steps they need to recover from codependency and move on. It is tough but possible. I did it and if I did, others can too. Waiting at the end of that rainbow is a very healthy place. No-one could put it better than my favorite mental health writer and great inspiration, Dr Scott Peck, when he says :

Discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve life’s problems. Without discipline we can solve nothing. With only some discipline we can solve only some problems. With total discipline we can solve all problems.

This topic was covered in another recent post of mine in that we need to face the problems life throws at us and face them constantly in order to grow. To do this we need discipline.  READ MORE HERE

However, the one thing that blocks this process in codependents is that they fail to recognise that codependency is not love and giving, sacrificing and love are one and the same. Love cannot be built on one giving and one taking. READ MORE HERE

Many codependents are trapped in relationships with significant others and cannot find the strength to get away. They needlessly stay and carry on being taken for granted and abused by people who care very little for them. Codependents love sef-centered, narcissistic people who fill the void for giving that is deep within them. LEARN MORE HERE AND HERE AND HERE.

It takes courage to face your codependent issues and the first step is to be aware of how it started. It can generally be traced back to upbringing and parental influence. These unresolved issues are often brought into adulthood. LEARN MORE HERE

So what is a good treatment? I personally use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge and test thinking patterns in the present and Inner Child Therapy to help with reframing early experiences.


Let 2017 be the year you give something to yourself!! Happy New Year!!

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Dr. Nicholas Jenner is a counseling psychologist in private practice working with individuals, couples, groups and companies with a speciality in CBT techniques. Apart from seeing clients face-to-face, Dr. Jenner also runs a thriving online therapy business bringing help to those who find taking therapy online as convenient and tailored for their needs. More Details HERE

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