Think Talking to Your Therapist Online Is A Fad….Think Again

Dr Nicholas Jenner

image-1It is now roughly 10 years since I saw my first client online. I remember it as clear as day. Sitting in my office waiting for my two o’clock appointment, sipping on the tea I had made in the 15 minutes between appointments, I received a panicked call regarding the state of the client’s car. It had broken down and she would need to reschedule. Anxious to calm the lady’s nerves, I jumped in and said “Ok, fire up Skype, we will do it like that”. At the end of the session, she  commented “Do you know how comfortable that was? I can sit here with my dogs, my coffee and you know the trip to your office is a pain!” (I lived in a rather remote location at that time). I agreed that we would continue our little experiment and an idea was born. It took me a few…

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