How Our Own Memories Affect Our Ability To Parent.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

e046aa37f9bed6a7d313451f4eb9883eWe all have unresolved issues from our past, some conscious and some that we are not fully aware of. These issues, if not dealt with can have a huge effect on our relationships with others and especially with our own children. Subsequently, this moves the issue from one generation to the next.

There are many cases of parents who in normal everyday interaction with their children are triggered back to their own past, affecting their judgement and behavior. By leaving these issues unresolved, parents are not only missing the chance to become better parents, stopping the issues from affecting their children but also developing themselves. It is our ultimate responsibility as parents to create a loving environment for children to grow in. That means if, as a parent, issues are present, fix them, simple. Though some of these issues would be part of our automatic conditioning and from a less…

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