Why Single Women Love Married Men

Dr Nicholas Jenner

hqdefaultAny of us who are in a fully committed relationship will have our views on cheating. Some are more liberal than others but every couple will have {hopefully}their own definition of what is acceptable for their relationship. Some define cheating in terms of sexual activity with someone outside marriage. My own opinion is that anything that takes focus away from the relationship, emotional or physical can be classed as “cheating”. I agree that my boundaries might be deemed as strict by some but it works for me and my relationship. Men, especially {rightly so sometimes} have a bad reputation for their pursuit of activities outside of a relationship. Of course, women stray too. A survey done by Women’s Health magazine found that men and women cheat in equal numbers but for different reasons. Not surprisingly perhaps, men mostly cheated because they wanted more sex, women through relationship boredom and perceived…

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