Treat Codependency Like Any Other Addiction

Dr Nicholas Jenner

A recent study in Australia stated that up to 240 million people worldwide are addicted to something. Drugs, alcohol, internet, sex, shopping, eating were all mentioned. These were just the ones that are receiving some form of help for their addiction. There are surely many stuck in denial who do not see the need for help or indeed where to go for it. It seems to be a never ending issue with no real end in sight.

One group of addicted people that are not included in this list and indeed, in any list are codependents. I firmly believe this love or relationship addiction is just as destructive at its core as any drug or bottle can be. In my experience treating codependents, the same factors drive the process. The relationship, usually with an elusive partner is their drug of choice…the fix being their never ending mission to change said…

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