The Importance of Newborn Bonding

Dr Nicholas Jenner

134247652_wideOne of my recent posts looked at the impact of our beginnings and how the environment we grow up in largely determines how we see the world and, if not changed, how we see the world as an adult. In my work as a therapist it is often very easy to draw a direct link between the two. However, if we look even further back, the very early days of our lives on earth and in fact, the very first few minutes of our lives. This is, also in my opinion an extremely crucial stage for our development.

Bonding should be a natural process that happens as parents take care of their children. As the first days, weeks and months of a baby’s life come and go, their days are regulated by cycles of sleeping, waking, eating and playing. The overriding determinant in the first six months is hunger and sleeping and…

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