Are We Creating Narcissists And Codependents By Handling the Terrible Twos?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

The “Terrible Twos” can be a testing time for any parent. Even the most able of parents hope for this torrid time to pass as quickly as possible. As a parent myself, I know that tantrums and screaming can start at a moment’s notice and for no identifiable reason. It does not take much at all and can leave parents scratching their heads as to what to do for the best. No parent is perfect and we are all influenced by the way our parents brought us up, rightly or wrongly. However, are we as parents affecting the way our children see the world in this vital developmental stage so much that we might induce narcissism or codependency through our methods of parenting?

The Roots of Narcissism and Codependency

Even though, I accept that the roots are narcissism and codependency are more complex than this, my work tells me that…

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