Therapy For Codependency: Get Help From Your Internal Family

Dr Nicholas Jenner

When I sometimes take the time to analyse my patients at any given point, there are always many codependents among them. This might be because I have had my own issues with this and like to work with them or it might just be an indication of the size of the issue. Contrary to people who have narcissist behavior traits, codependents tend to blame themselves and take more responsibility than they need to. However, there is a controlling dark side of codependency in that there is usually an expectation of return of favor to keep them secure in their surroundings and with the people around them. Codependents are not averse to using such punishment methods as the silent treatment and victim behavior to keep people in line.

I actually enjoy working with this group because once they come to a point of awareness about their behavior, they can be helped…

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