Codependency: How This Thinking Will Affect Your Decision Making

Dr Nicholas Jenner

I have written a lot in the last few weeks about people being stuck. Stuck in relationships, in a rut or stuck generally. For codependents, this feeling is made worse by their general thinking patterns and the fear of loss and being alone. However, in my work with clients generally and codependents especially, I have identified three styles of thinking that determine how anyone will behave in any situation. This observation comes from my inner child work with clients and looking at the internal family that exists around the child or wounded core (they are one and the same). Even though, readers of this blog might have identified other thinking influences, these are in my opinion, the three that are paramount in the way people think and subsequently behave. Once identified, it is then a process to negate negative thinking and promote the realistic. Firstly, let us look closely at…

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