The Inner Rebel: The Basis Of Addiction And Instant Gratification

Dr Nicholas Jenner

I have written many times about the inner critic and the devastating effect he/she can have on the way we see the world. It consolidates rigid thinking that leaves us afraid to take risks, face normal challenges and move forward from situations that are dysfunctional. It fills us with fear and dread in its irrational attempts to protect us from ourselves. It is an ancient voice that gets more powerful the more we listen to it and the more credence we give it. For many people, the critical voice is overwhelming and paralysing and they run their life based on its input, full of fear, trepidation and always settling for less than they deserve.

However, in my experience, there is another voice which if interpreted in the wrong way can be equally destructive and lead those who listen to it too closely to a life of wild abandon and addiction…

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