Practice Positive Discipline: Your Child Will Thank You For It

Dr Nicholas Jenner

The first weeks of a baby’s life can be difficult and tiring for the new parents. Some parents can be completely overwhelmed with this new life that is suddenly thrust upon them. During these early phases, mistakes can be made that can have an effect in the years to come.  Experts often cite the first three years in a child’s life as a very important if not the most important phase , a time when the behavior and attitudes show by the parents and other caregivers set a blueprint for adult life.

Just to put this into perspective..Alfred Adler , a Viennese psychiatrist believed that we are all born “hardwired” to seek connection with others. Adler felt strongly that this basic human need to belong, connect and find worth is influenced by our early experiences and consequently the early decisions we make about ourselves, others and the world around us. Recent research tells…

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