The One Question You Really Need To Ask Your Therapist!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

There are many effective, caring therapists of all persuasions working hard globally to help clients move through difficult times. Many go that extra mile to make sure the trust that clients have placed in their hands is not misplaced. Clients will expect a therapist to take care of them during these times and be everything from parent, coach, motivator, shoulder to cry on and more. Therapists take on these roles gladly within the confines of therapeutic boundaries.

When considering therapy, clients usually have standard questions that they have in trying to find out if the therapist is a good fit. These might include questions around qualifications, experience, how they tackle certain conditions, methodology (this is another question to ask. Is the therapist stuck on one method or are they willing or able to integrate other methods to tailor an approach?). These valuable questions plus the experience of the first few…

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  1. Have to disagree doc, yes, I admit how the therapist self cares is important.

    My biggest question, do you have the skill, tools and timing to know when to use your wisdom to help me heal.

    If your self care is not good but you can help me heal in a timely manner, sign me up

    I see a therapists biggest challenge as with all,who support others is getting the client to take action, some action.

    The ability of a therapist to motivate a client to take action is probably the biggest challenge facing therapists, in my opinion.


    1. Hi Marty…this is s subject close to my heart. I see many therapists who coast through the process without anything significant happening. My approach is challenging. If the client is not taking action, I want to know why. I agree this is the biggest challenge facing the therapeutic process and the motivation must be there on the part of both the therapist and client to take definitive action. Otherwise, what I the point. I wanted to cover this in an upcoming post. I have indeed covered it before in other posts.


  2. We need more therapists will your mindset and abilities. Suffering from childhood PTSD, I have seen a few therapists, amazing how much different the skill level and adaptability I have seen.

    Getting a degree, having knowledge days not include timing, knowing when to use certain tools, skills and how to read people.

    You can read a thousand books on hitting a baseball by the greatest hitters in the world. You can be an expert discussing the subject.

    But your chance of hitting big league pitching, zero, ever.


  3. Thinking about it now, I never heard a therapist directly say

    This healing is your responsibility, your effort, you are the quarterback and care more than anyone else


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