The Best Advice Of The Week

Dr Nicholas Jenner

At the moment, I am ploughing through the latest offering from Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules For Life…An Antidote To Chaos. I say ploughing because it is somewhat heavy going with its frequent references and links to religion and the bible as a reference. These, of course are much more relevant if you believe those events actually took place but even if you don’t, Peterson has a conviction in his writing that makes the links credible.

On my recent trip to New York, I caught an interview with Peterson on NBC. The interviewer asked Peterson about the controversy that his book had created with religious and feminist groups. As yet, I cannot imagine where this controversy comes from…the book is more like The 7 Habits on acid !!. Anyway, in today’s PC world,  where taking offense is a default position for some, it would not surprise me that someone, somewhere finds…

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