The 7 Day Challenge Day 3: Visualize Your Preferred Scenario

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Today, we reach virtually the halfway point in the 7 Day Challenge. We have covered Day 1 Your Current Scenario and Day 2 What Is Holding You Back? Anyone who is following the challenge might have found Day 2 a little challenging. It is not easy to look at yourself and your own inaction as a reason for not moving forward and all that might mean. However, it is an essential process because we are all more able to move forward than we sometimes think. Today gives anyone who is taking the challenge a chance to put the information gathered so far into some perspective. So far, we have checked, challenged and today we are visualizing what a functional solution could possibly look like. It is not a time for concrete ideas which will come later but a time for putting everything on the table, however improbable it may…

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