The 7 Day Challenge Day 4: Build A Strategy And Fight Your Demons!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

brain_sidesWe have so far got through the 7 Day Challenge Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 where we have checked, challenged and visualized. If you have been following the challenge, you may well have a preferred scenario that you will want to aim for. Some of the things you visualized yesterday might not make the cut and some will be more realistic than others. Today’s post could have been similar to a business coaching lesson where we discuss the merits of each possible solution using pros and cons, cost/benefit analysis and quite complicated ways of making a decision. Important as that might be, it is in my experience, the underlying factors that often make the difference between making and not making a decision for one option or the other. In fact, the ability to make a decision at all could rest on this. We can describe this…

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