The 7 Day Challenge Day 6: Test Your Commitment

Dr Nicholas Jenner

If you have been following the 7 Day Challenge, you might well now have reached the point where you have identified an issue, tested your resistance,looked at possible solutions and looked at your thinking around this and tried to beat your demons. Today, I am asking you to commit to changing that issue before tomorrow, I will look at taking definitive action.

Webster’s Dictionary definition of Commitment is “a pledge to do something; the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to an ideal or course of action.” This, for many people is where life gets scary, it is the road less traveled and commitment to a plan of action might well be the end of years of telling themselves a lie or engaging in avoidance. It might mean the end of all we see as “order”, the known as we anticipate the “unknown” or chaos that…

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