The 7 Day Challenge Day 7: Take Action And Take It Now!

Dr Nicholas Jenner


We are at the pinnacle of the 7 Day Challenge, the last day. We have slowly worked through various topics and have finally reached the moment to take action to make a change….scary, right?

For some of you who have followed the challenge over the past six days, you have probably been at this point many times. You have prepared yourself for action, you have done the right things up to a point and then…well, then we know or can guess what happened..nothing! It could be the case that someone reading has successfully gone through the previous six steps, checking their hurdles, thinking and commitment and will still find it difficult to move forward in terms of action. This, in my experience, is the place where most people get stuck and they often don’t know why. It might be fear, lack of awareness, apathy, the consequences of not changing…

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