Codependents: Focus on Your Self Care Before Caring For Others!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

tumblr_inline_mifjp3MjmC1qz4rgpIt always fascinates me when I fly anywhere and the flight personnel go through the safety checks. When they get to the oxygen mask, they always point out that you should always fit your own mask before helping anyone else. Most codependents might see this a different way but the advice is the correct one whether you are on a plane or in a relationship. Look after yourself first before helping others! When helping codependents take decisive action, the topic of self-care always comes up. This term can be interpreted in many ways, some complex but I always like to start simple and make sure the basics are covered first. I work on the basis that if you have a good foundation, you can build onto this.

An author I tend to revisit quite often is Dr Stephen Covey. I read many self-help books and some are better than others…

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