What Our Protector Voices Tell Us….The Bad News Is…We Believe Them!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

When we allow our thinking patterns to “protect” us , we often feel there is no escape, no matter how hard we try.  These thinking traps are exactly that, thinking and behavior that are ingrained and seemingly impossible to shift. They subdue the Self and the true fears that we need to face. They “protect” us dysfunctionally to keep us from moving forward and offer us the easy way out.  They offer us the easy way out and it seems often to be the best option at the time.  Only through a process of releasing the control they have, can we promote the Self and have any hope of facing the true issues. Lets look at the different types that could exist, no way exhaustive and there could be others.

The “pleasing others” Protector Voice

When we often fear being judged harshly or feel uncertain of ourselves or self-worth, we…

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