What To Do When The Protectors Provoke The Anger In You

Dr Nicholas Jenner

13534921_f520In my job, I deal daily with lots of angry people. There are those who are angry about something specific (and sometimes have a right to be) and those who are just angry. Sometimes, they do not even know why and they are often angry at things that they have no influence over at all. Behind every bout of anger is a fear driving the process. In therapy, I look at effective ways of dealing with anger while negating the underlying causes. I have described in my recent posts about protective voices shielding us from the real issues being felt on a deeper level. We listen to and believe these “protectors” because they offer the easy way out and they have been around since our childhood, so they are usually very strong in us. Some of these voices (especially the Manager voice) can easily keep us controlled with “should” statements…

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