Narcissist Abuse Syndrome: Elements of Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD

Dr Nicholas Jenner

272de2f081d3c677ce9c77f0e8c22d4eI once had a client who was involved with the most abusive, self-absorbed, self-centered, controlling man you could ever imagine.  He abused her physically, emotionally, financially and verbally to the deepest levels. He was the nastiest individual I had ever come across in my many years as a practicing therapist. There was not a scrap of empathy and compassion in his body and my client was completely under his control. What was even worse, was that she chose willingly to stay with him and fought any initiatives within herself or from outside that might make her see what kind of relationship she was in. Even with overwhelming evidence mounting up that even she saw, she could not break free. Even he berated her for this saying ” See what kind of person you are, staying with someone like me”. The only time she started to recover and move to something…

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