Understanding The “Parts” of Your Thinking

Dr Nicholas Jenner

mind-map-creative-thinking-29423020Many therapeutic approaches deal with our thinking as a major part of the work needed to recover from our ills. CBT, especially, doesn`t look at events but how our perception of the event affects us. It looks a layers of thinking from automatic thoughts to core beliefs as an aid to this. CBT, however, works at changing those thinking patterns in the “here and now” without purposely delving deeper into why those thoughts exist. This is an ideal “brief” therapy and has helped many people get through a crisis. Sometimes, it is not enough and much deeper explanation is needed for the cause of our thinking and behavior, especially in terms of behavioral issues such as codependency.

Many theorists when talking about how we think have worked on the premise that our mind and personality is unitary. That means that we process in one mode of thinking before it moves…

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