A Self Challenge: Identifying The Parts Of My Own Thinking.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

nick01I have been quite active lately promoting the use of tools and methods to challenge and potentially overcome blocks in thinking that keep one stuck in the proverbial “hamster wheel” of inaction and overthinking. Partly inspired by reading and the influence of such therapies as psychoanalysis and internal family systems, I have been quite happy to help clients see how the parts of the personality were formed and how these parts affect their view of the world. How the critical “protectors” (or parts), send constant messages to stop us getting to the real truth, that is, the childhood pain we all carry in terms of trauma, guilt and shame. As a quick reminder, I truly believe that defense mechanisms formed in childhood develop into parts of our personality to protect the Self, the true, compassionate, logical, inquisitive part of us. When they feel the Self is threatened, they influence thinking…

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