Self-Esteem Is About “Doing” Not “Being”. Increase Your Self-Worth In 5 Easy Steps

Dr Nicholas Jenner


Self-esteem is a big issue for all of us and we could all do with more. In therapy, it is one of the most sought after goals that clients put on their wish list. “I need to increase my self-esteem”, I often hear. Just how many truly know what they are asking for is questionable; Increasing your self-esteem means shedding the image you have of yourself and finding the courage to take action and face fears. The very fears that created the image in the first place.

Self-esteem is essentially a measurement based on a comparison. We rate ourselves against a variety of internal and external factors to come up with a value of our worth. The problem is this rating is often based on impossible expectations and it leads to us judging ourselves harshly. We produce an unfair, inaccurate picture of who we really are. We turn these beliefs…

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