Increasing Your Self Worth, Step 1: Know How The Mind Works

Dr Nicholas Jenner

In your lifetime, irrespective of advances in technology, you will probably not come across a more capable computer than the one you have in your head, your mind. Its capabilities are endless and mostly unknown to us. It has been said that we probably use about 10 percent of its given potential and if we were able to use all of it, we could probably manage to study every college and university course available worldwide simultaneously. Whether this is true or not, it does signify the power of the mind. More factors. If we talk about how we use and think with the 10 percent available, we use 40 percent of that thinking about irrelevant things, 30 percent thinking about things that have already happened and 20 percent on things that are yet to come. Of the 10 percent left, only 50 percent of that is used to consider issues…

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