Increase Your Self Worth, Step 2: Self Acceptance

Dr Nicholas Jenner

UnknownSelf acceptance is the root of mental health and self-esteem. It is seen universally as a key element in personal happiness, personal growth and a healthy view of the world and ourselves. Simply put, it is the acceptance of ourselves, the way we are. True self acceptance comes from accepting the things we like about ourselves and also liking the things we don’t. Self acceptance is something we “do” and involves a willingness to see feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions of part of who we are, without avoidance or denial. An unwillingness to experience these leads to a rejection and denial of the Self. In a nutshell, self acceptance means to honestly accept the facts of your reality and not to disown it or repress the things about your life that you cannot accept. It means not living in a fantasy of who you think you should be or who…

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