Increase Your Self-Worth, Step 2: Conscious Thinking And Staying Present In The Moment

Dr Nicholas Jenner

UnknownMuch of our thinking, up to 95%, is on a subconscious level. It helps us navigate the world in form of habit, automatic thinking, processed memories and how those fit into our paradigm. Some automatic thinking is good. Our fight or flight response is based on this as well as learning capacity. From subconscious thinking, we form habits that run our routines and rituals. It can also be destructive when our automatic thinking turns on us to create a negative image. Much of this rigid, inflexible automatic thinking about ourselves is rooted in childhood and our interaction with parents and other significant people. When a child feels or is made to feel uncertain or pessimistic (this can be just subtle inferences), it strives to become pleasing to the parents. Normal striving for approval becomes a craving and children become extremely sensitive to messages concerning their self worth. If a child…

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