Increasing Self Worth, Step 4: Self Discipline And Self Responsibility.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

New you, old you.Many people come to an awareness of what they need to do to improve their self esteem. This can be a short process or one that takes a frustratingly long time. There are some who refuse to acknowledge their reality, even if they are aware and there are some who can’t wait to move into a new life, however difficult that might become. It is down, usually to the individual how this process goes. One thing we can say is that moving forward to improve self worth and esteem is a choice and that choice has to be made and followed through. It is our responsibility to ensure that this happens once that choice has been made.

During therapy, I am often confronted with an attitude in clients of resistance to change. They often say they can’t, won’t be able to and get stuck in over thinking things to the…

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