Increase Your Self Worth, Step 5: Self Assertiveness, Honesty And Purpose

Dr Nicholas Jenner

identity-795295_640Once you have done the hard work to bring in self awareness, self acceptance, self discipline and self responsibility into your life, the next issue is how do we maintain that? How do we create a framework that will move us consistently forward in life and avoid the inevitable setbacks throwing us back into our previous dysfunctional thinking? I believe the answer lies in the following, the icing on the cake. It is the confident, realistic you moving through life. Consider the following:

Self Assertiveness.

Sometimes in life we need to set boundaries around people, even the people we love and sometimes around ourselves. The ability to set boundaries helps to define you as a person and how you want to be treated. When someone attempts to cross those boundaries, it is essential to hold and maintain them. This needs to be done in a confident, compassionate honest way without…

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