How Abused Children Look Away From Their Parents For Guidance

Dr Nicholas Jenner

12-Steps-Step-11-Improving-Our-Contact-With-A-Higher-Power-SummitDetoxChildren who are subject to abuse of any sort often look for help outside of the family in their quest for recovery. Often abandoned emotionally and bruised physically, they cannot find solace within the family unit which was often responsible for the abuse in the first place. The following quote says much about why children turn to a “higher power” in their search for inspiration. This, unfortunately can be a negative concept with alcohol, drugs and promiscuity taking over. Consider this quote:

“There is an old saying in Alcoholics Anonymous: In the disease of alcoholism, spirituality is the first thing to go and the last thing to come back. Compared with alcohol, the troubled family may be far more efficient at committing what Alice Miller calls a “soul murder”. Abused children are robbed of their faith in the goodwill of other people and their belief in a safe world”


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