Challenge Yourself To Be A Better Parent! Your Child Will Thank You For It

Dr Nicholas Jenner

8-Common-Characteristics-of-Dysfunctional-FamiliesThere is an old assumption that whatever you tell a therapist, he or she will always “blame the parents”. Most self-help and psychology works that center on conditioning and change point primarily to the time when our caregivers had the most influence over us. This is not often seen as positive and is usually cited as the cause of all our ills. While it might not be the sole reason for adult dysfunction, it is certainly an extremely important time in all our lives. A time when we are truly looking for a blueprint and our parents are usually where we look.

Parents do not need to be perfect but they do need to provide an environment that forms a bedrock for a child to grow into a functional adult. Many children growing up in “good enough” situations can move through vital developmental stages to adulthood with relative ease. By…

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