How The Domestic Abuse I Witnessed As A Child Consolidated My Views On Men And Women

Dr Nicholas Jenner


I come from an abusive background where not only the children in the family but also my mother were frequently beaten by my drunken stepfather.  To the outside, we were a dysfunctional family but not a violent one. This image was carefully managed by my parents.

This post will come from the heart and from the hard school of experiencing this day-to-day until I reached a point when I was big enough to fight back. I remember the fear, the pain and the negative anticipation of waiting for the beating and the sorrow and depression that I felt watching my mother being beaten and bleeding. I can still remember the smell of alcohol, the smell of cigarette smoke and the relief when he finally fell asleep. My mother was a strong woman who kept the family together. My stepfather was a weak man who found courage through in a bottle and used this courage…

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