Key Aspects In Codependent Recovery

Dr Nicholas Jenner

what-is-codependency-1024x538The term “recovery” is perhaps a bit misleading. There are no guarantees in the process and a lot of things must come together at once. At the heart of this process is a willingness to work on oneself and to accept that codependency is an issue. This means accepting responsibility for change and not passing that responsibility (or blame) onto others. It takes courage to look at and assess early life experiences and learn new skills that will help deal with early trauma or abuse. It also takes a willingness to look critically at  relationships, some of which may have been adding to the problem, and to put these relationships on a new footing. It is also vitally important to find a therapist who understands that he or she may also have or have had issues with co-dependency and has recognised and worked on these issues. When these factors are accepted, the following would be the…

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