7 Potential Reasons Why Your Relationship Is Not Working

Dr Nicholas Jenner

redcouplefightingmedNothing is perfect and that goes for relationships too. Even in the best of intimate relationships, there are those subtle and not so subtle signs that harmony is being disrupted. Some disagreements and discussions make sense and are in fact healthy; his words against hers, her values in the face of his values, old traditions vs. new ideas and so on. However, after a few years of living with a partner, attempting and working on intimacy, you can often see a few patterns emerging. Those patterns might be complicated to detect when you are a part of the everyday “drama”.

For me, after a lot of experience of therapy and relationship-coaching, I find them fairly simple to detect. I have found solving problems in relationships takes commitment, education and a will on both sides. From there the solutions should be within reach.
​Some of the patterns listed on the…

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