Nostalgia And Connecting With My Inner Self

Dr Nicholas Jenner

lost-boy-treehouseI have recently been very nostalgic about the Seventies. Not with any great fondness but it was a very significant time for me. In this decade, I went from being 8 to 18 and my near adult self was formed. Growing up in the UK at this time was not easy. The political  situation was fairly volatile for most of the decade and due to strikes etc, there were coal and electricity shortages. I can remember the electricity going off at 9 pm as electricity supply stopped and living in candlelight for much of the time. It was miserable and given that my family were normally short of money, problems were consolidated.

It was a time of discovery for me and I learnt a lot about the world. I was a loner and spent a lot of time alone by choice. I reached a point where relationships became difficult and…

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