Codependents And Infidelity: It Doesn’t Always Pan Out How You Might Expect

Dr Nicholas Jenner

06-cheating-signs-phoneOne confession that I make with some trepidation is that I was an avid watcher of the reality tv show “Cheaters”, in the 90’s. Joey Greco who was the host of the show built the cases up well and it made for interesting viewing. If you could put aside the drama and the firm suspicion of the show being scripted, you got the clear impression of how much effort it truly takes to cheat on a partner and keep it going without being caught. Some were obviously more adept than others but on occasions, it was akin to a military operation. Many of the victims appeared to be clueless until Greco produced evidence via camcorder of their partners infidelity. Often followed the statement: “You think your partner is at work. In fact he is with (insert name) right now. Would you like to confront them?” Invariably, they did and the…

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