Dealing With Internal Conflict: A Case Study; Part 1: Awareness and analysis

Dr Nicholas Jenner

internal-conflictUsing the term “Analyzing the voices in your head” will often conjure up images akin to the famous film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest starring Jack Nicholson. Once you can get away from that kind of stereotypical response to such a term, you may realize that much effective work, in terms of personal growth and recovery can be done by understanding and working with the many thinking “parts” that may attempt to control how we think and behave. I am of the firm opinion that our mind is somewhat of a battlefield where opposing “parts” are trying to seize control, forming alliances with allies and enemies alike, with the soul intention of protecting the self from facing childhood pain and hurt. The very issues that stop us leading a realistic, fulfilled life void of fear, insecurity and constant procrastination. I have also voiced loudly with clients, the need to…

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