Let’s See Women As Equals. A Call for Gender Equality.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

imagesLet’s ask ourself a basic question. In this day and age, why is there still a major discrepancy in gender equality? Let’s confine our focus to the developed world as the status of women in many countries in the under developed world is much much worse and doesn’t bear comparison. That is a whole different issue and of course, needs to be addressed. However, in an age where major initiatives are under way to improve prospects for women, men are still being generally favored in terms of prospects and pay. In business, the boardroom can still be seen as a “boys club” with token female presence and in society generally, the “glass ceiling” still exists for women. We need urgently to change this situation.

My teenage years were spent in the UK with the “Iron Lady”, Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. It was a wonder that this dynamic women, who…

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