In A Relationship, The Small Things Do Truly Matter!

Dr Nicholas Jenner

imageExcerpt From: Dr. Nicholas Jenner Psy.D MA. “Our Quest for Happily Ever After. Widely available on Amazon in paperback.

A good marriage with someone we truly love is generally the fairytale that is sold to us by society, sometimes parents and definitely religion. We are all expected to go on to develop along a certain tried and trusted path which includes marriage. Many are totally unprepared (especially if they marry young) for the immense amount of hard work that goes into keeping the thing going, almost the same amount of effort that is needed to keep a business afloat and running viably. The shock that comes when two suddenly become one means that life will never be the same again.

As official divorce rates suggest, over 50% of these unions fail to make it. Many marriages are broken through financial pressure or infidelity or one or both partners wanting…

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