Sometimes Codependents Need Saving From Themselves

Dr Nicholas Jenner

new-my-phobia-what-does-drowning-feel-like-1The masses of literature available on the Codependency-Narcissism dance will tell you there are enough of both in this world to make it a big issue. There are many relationships I come across where all logic has apparently been thrown to one side and it is very difficult to understand sometimes why things happen the way they do.

As a therapist, my approach is evidence based, logical and solution focused. I encourage my clients to believe that much of the good work they can do is done in the present moment where their reality is accepted. This acceptance of reality, that is understanding truly the situation they are in, can lead with guidance to a plan to change the issues they can influence but accepting that there are some things that are out of their control.

In the mind of a codependent (and others) , fantasy subdues reality and they…

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