The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Therapists

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Sad woman speaking to her therapist while she is taking notesMany people who come into therapy for the first time might find it difficult to imagine what to expect. There are many stereotypical images to draw on in the media and TV of the traditional shrink type character but is this the reality these days? Much of the interaction between client and therapist is regulated by law. Privacy, confidentiality, inappropriate contact and professional boundaries are all set down in regulation and rightly so. However, what can you expect from the process other than this? Please note that there are various methods of delivering therapy, all of which have advantages and disadvantages in their outlook and delivery. The following list is based on my experience and personal opinion. It should not be seen as criticism of such methods.

1. Your therapist will understand you and your situation. Before any framework or plan can be put together, the therapist needs to understand…

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