Once Gone, Never Let Your Narcissist Ex-Partner Return (But Your Child Is A Complication)

Dr Nicholas Jenner

pexels-photo-173666_0It takes a lot to remove a narcissist from your life. Not only the fact that he is not all that willing for you to make that call but also the actions and thoughts of the people involved with them often make it difficult. Especially codependents hang around until the bitter end (or longer) hoping something will change for the better. Invariably, it doesn’t. The best advice is to go full no contact, resist the moments when they make contact and work hard on why it happened in the first place. Above all, keep them out of your life, work on reality and not fall back into the fantasy that the narcissist built in the form of the illusion they initially hooked you with.

Once they are gone, even if they were the one who did the discarding, it is important to know that unless action is taken, they will…

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