See Your Core Beliefs As A Bag To Be Carried And Sorted Through

Dr Nicholas Jenner

masks-833421_960_720We all see the world in a specific way. Call it what you will…..paradigm …window on the world…frame of reference, it is all the same. It dictates to a large degree how we think, feel and behave in any given situation. It is our conditioning that we bring from childhood with all the positive and negative aspects of our interaction with our parents and the world we grew up in. It generally defines us as people, holds our core beliefs about ourselves and life and we have trouble changing it.

However, at times it is preferable to change certain aspects of the way we see the world. Let’s not forget, much of our conditioning comes from the conditioning of other people who passed it on and we adopted it as a blueprint for life. Sometimes this is good but there are always aspects of this conditioning that need attention and…

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