Why Are You Obsessing About Your Partner’s Past?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

1351976438608666029We all have a past. When two people come together and try to form a relationship, the experiences gained by both play a role.  How much of a role depends greatly on the people concerned and the experiences they gained. If trust issues are present or have been brought into the relationship, the past suddenly becomes all-important. If you are looking for reasons to trust or distrust, here lies a body of work to reference.

Patterns of commitment and behavior can be seen or evaluated. Of course, this is important if abuse has taken place or there might be a suspicion of criminal activity. This is then useful information. However, when a person’s past becomes an obsession then the secure basis needed for the relationship to blossom can become shaky. The old saying goes that the past should be seen as irrelevant, that the present and the future are the…

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