Why Stay When You Know You Have To Leave?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

let-go-relationship-1600x900There are times in our lives when big decisions have to be made and the consequences faced, however grim they  may be. How many of us can actually say we enjoy this process? Not many, I guess. However, doing this is part of life and the alternative is probably worse. As humans, we have become used to dodging and avoiding the pain associated with this process and even an assumption that it will be difficult can have us procrastinating and finding excuses, hoping the issue will solve itself.

There is one area of our lives where we tend to do this more than others. Where we feel completely helpless and decisions are hard to make on a functional level. We can spend days, weeks, months, even years deliberating over what is best to do and even when a end finally comes to the process, we deliberate more about whether it…

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  1. another great post! thank you! your blog has been so very helpful in my recovery and with the decisions/changes I have recently had to make. Grateful for the new perspectives and understanding which are helping me to keep moving forward. thanks again!


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