Thinking Of Yourself Is Not Narcissism. Your Needs Are Important And It Starts With You

Dr Nicholas Jenner

donate-400x250There is a fine line between meeting your own needs in a healthy sense and expecting to take everything around you. This is the fundamental line that many find difficult to navigate and feel guilt and shame when they try to think of themselves. Consequently, many people spend their life making sure everyone else is fine before them, seeking approval from outside and sacrificing their own needs. This breeds resentment that the world is not providing what one needs and instigates control and codependency issues.

In my experience, the vast majority of people like this are women. Women have been conditioned to become something from a codependent checklist for men who still want a wife who looks after him, house and home and children. Things might be changing slowly as women wake up to the equality issues we have in society (western world) but much of what we are speaking…

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