Should Your Spouse Be Involved In Your Therapy?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

shutterstock_208386664I know, this flies in the face of all we know and accept about client-therapist dynamics and the therapeutic process. But let’s face it, therapy is hard work. Undertaking the process means facing things that have been sometimes locked away for years. Once you open that door, you are never sure who or what will come through it. One thing is for sure, therapy is not some Harry Potter type magic that can wipe away issues quickly. It is generally for the long haul and things might well get worse before they get better. When this happens, there is a quite typical reaction from clients. They wonder if therapy is working, if it is the right time, whether dragging up the issues is really necessary. Some leave therapy at this point, just when the process of change is starting and just when they need it the most. Some cite financial…

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