Should You Bother Trying To Set Boundaries With A Narcissist?

Dr Nicholas Jenner

How-to-REALLY-Outsmart-a-Narcissist-1024x675I talk a lot about boundaries. I believe they are the foundation of a healthy relationship. Setting boundaries means being emotionally honest, assertive and it means protect your emotional and physical space. Boundaries maintained and with appropriate consequences teach people in a healthy way how you want to be treated. In therapy, especially with codependents, the concept of boundary setting is a vital part of recovery and without them, it is hard to imagine how a relationship might work.

The one issue with boundaries is that often the recipient is not prepared to play along and becomes defensive or aggressive in response. This is where some lose their way and find it hard to maintain the idea. Theoretically, this is when a second, firmer boundary needs to be set with firm consequences if boundaries are crossed again. We are talking in this situation about doing this with someone who might…

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