Connecting With And Reparenting Your Inner Child-like Self

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Try this: Before leaving home one morning, you took an extra effort in getting your living room cleaned, but when you return in the evening, you find it in a mess. What will your response be?
Sigh and clean up again

  •  Shrug your shoulder and leave it as it is  or get upset and cry
  • Shut out the person responsible
  • Get frustrated but keep quiet
  • Get angry and yell at the person
  • Take it in your stride, let it go and maybe clean up later.
Your response to the above situation is a reflection of your inner, self-set pattern of inner-child-dressesbehavior. This behavioral pattern has been formed and reformed over the years, starting from your birth, through reinforcement and suppression, mostly by parents or other significant people, and has now become a part of your personality and self-beliefs. Sometimes, the personality type and self-beliefs of a person may hinder healthy development and lifestyle…

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