5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life

Dr Nicholas Jenner

change_your_lifeLife doesn’t always go as planned. As humans, we have to face constant changes in our lives and sometimes we get stuck. We get stuck in jobs, relationships, situations and life generally. Sometimes, we can pull through, other times more difficult. We are generally a resilient species and mostly we do what we can to move ourselves constantly forward through life. To do this, we have plans and goals, we have to face issues and hurdles and change that is sometimes planned and sometimes not so. However, sometimes we are also our own worst enemy and due to our own thinking, we miss opportunities to do what we can. It is often a case of changing self-talk but there are things that you could and should be doing to make the best of things. Many people I have spoken to see the value of the following but still procrastinate and…

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